Rachel Danielle Photography


Rachel Dyer is a  fashion and portrait  photographer who is currently based in Los Angeles. In June of 2023, she graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and received her BFA as a Photography and Video Major. Rachel won the 2023 College of Liberal Arts Student Award in which students are recognized for their “exemplary achievements and academic excellence”. Rachel also placed second in the 2023 Annual Juried Student Exhibition for her collection of photographs titled “Seeing in Sapphire.”  Over the last few years, Rachel has worked with various clients on their fashion campaigns including Untamed Petals, Indigo Clothing, and Lucky Lucky Studios. 

Artist Statement 

Creating captivating scenes in my photography, I help clients market their collections in a desirable and elegant way. I combine my passion for travel and fashion to bring stories to life. My goal is to elevate the “product photo” by creating scenes and stories for the products and models to exist in. I have a passion for working in and outside of the studio. One of my favorite ways to spend my free time is by going to thrift stores and search for hidden gems that most people do not pay attention to. Early in my career, I realized that I could incorporate my love of clothing and unique items into my photography. Aside from fashion, my love for travel has followed me throughout my entire life, and continues to follow me into my work. Location scouting for photoshoots to find unique locations is something I adore. Whether I’m in the studio or on location, I always think about ways to utilize colors, posing, light, and my surroundings to create intriguing and elegant photographs. I understand clients’ goals and aesthetics, and use my extensive knowledge of lighting, styling, posing, and location scouting to create classy yet exciting photographs for them. 

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